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Last updated: June 7th 2020


Rule Summary

All players deserve to play in a friendly, welcoming, and positive environment. Because of this most of our rules can be summarized in only one sentence. Please be considerate to other players and don’t destroy things that aren't yours.

We do not allow:
  • Griefing
    • When a player deliberately destroys or places blocks on another player's property without their consent
    • Exceptions:
      • The homeowner may remove blocks that are obstructing their house or are directly on their house (like obsidian)
      • Signs or random chests with minor items like dirt, wood, or cobblestone may be removed by the land owner
  • Illegal activities and other restricted content
    • We don’t allow the discussion of illegal activities like pirated software or hacked accounts
    • Encouraging violence towards anyone
    • Advertising, recruiting, or self promotion
  • Harassing players
    • Language that can be used negatively towards someone that relates to ethnicity, race, culture, gender, or any other personal qualities regardless of intent.
    • Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
    • Excessively lewd, profane, or vulgar messages
    • Spamming other players by sending 3 or more messages/pings in a very short period of time
    • Insulting or calling other players mean names
    • Annoying other players after being asked to stop
  • Deceptive behavior
    • Impersonating staff members, even as a joke
    • Falsifying player reports
    • Using loopholes to violate the spirit of the rules
Rules to follow when building:
  • Your builds should be at least 200 blocks away from other player buildings and bases at all times
  • Floating islands may be built above your land only
  • Flying machines must 100% contained
  • All hate symbols are not tolerated in any form
  • Phallic/inappropriate builds are tolerated inside of your homes or underground as long as they cannot be seen in the open
  • Redstone limit of 35 hoppers, pistons, sticky pistons, and observers each per chunk
  • Iron farms may have a maximum of 20 villagers in a 16 chunk radius
  • 0 tick farms are not allowed
We don't allow:
  • Using, encouraging, promoting, or sharing exploits/bugs
  • Using, encouraging, promoting, or sharing hacked clients
  • Trying to bypass chat filters, afk timers, hack checks, redstone limitations, or any other restrictions enforced by plugins
  • Flying, x-ray, increased movement/fly speed, or anything else that changes your stats to be different from a normal player’s
  • Any unfair advantage through the use of exploits, bugs, hacks and mods
We allow:
  • Client performance improvements like FPS boosters
  • Shaders, texture packs, or other aesthetic modifications
  • Brightness and gamma adjustment mods

We do not endorse, support, or help with any client issues. Use at your own risk.

If you aren't sure about a mod that you want to use please open help ticket on our discord. Help tickets are located near the top of our discord under the πŸ“© help category.

To report a player you will need to open a help ticket on our discord. Help tickets are located near the top of our discord under the πŸ“© help category.


Staff and Guildlines Rules

Every player should be treated with respect and kindness regardless of circumstance. These are the rules every staff member must follow.

Since staff members are expected to enforce the rules, all staff are held to a higher standard compared to players.

  • Must follow and enforce all server rules
  • Help with player issues as quickly as possible
  • Cannot steal from players
  • Cannot take items from banned players
  • Cannot take items from expired player claims
  • Be familiar with how the server works, the commands of the servers, rank perks, and items offered in the shop
  • Follow the chain of command when you need to get answers with anything you aren’t sure of
  • Do not use staff powers to benefit yourself/other players. This includes (but isn’t limited to) item spawning, flying, creative mode, applying potion effects, and/or command blocks 
  • Avoid stealing from players. This creates a hostile environment between staff and players
  • Must destroy banned user's items after 15 days and cannot keep the items
  • Don't loot expired claims, as moderators you have the power to find these before normal players
  • If you’re unable to handle an aggressive player, please forward them to the next person in the chain of command
  • Must follow punishment guideline when dealing with player issues
To report a staff member you will need to speak directly to Centers, an admin, or a lead moderator on Discord.